Oh Boy!

It seems like EVERYONE I know is having a baby… ok, that is an exaggeration. I can, however, name off several friends and family members who are expecting though. For one of our friends, I made a card to congratulate them on their expected bundle of joy. I had T write the inside, something to the effect of, “May your child have all the wonderous things life may bestow upon him. Remember to be nice to him, because he will be the one picking your nursing home.” I left it with “…and Jennifer” with the intentions of T signing it before he took it to our friends, but he instead just stuck it in the envelope and handed it to them. It apparently gaveĀ  mom-to-be a good giggle for the rest of the evening when he asked her for a pen and signed it right there :-) God Bless T, I love him… lol!

For our other friends who were there that evening… I am working on yours, too. I promise… you may or may not get it before his 18th birthday, but I am working on it!

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