How-To: Create a Double Line Pop Up Card with the Cricut and SCAL

Step One: In inkscape or other SVG design software, create your text for the card. Draw boxes that have equal widths as each line of text. Center each box on the text and slightly overlap the text with the boxes. The upper line box should be 1/2 as tall as the lower line box.

Step Two: Use Path -> Union for the upper line and the lower line. Draw a box the height of the letters and slightly wider than the first line. Align this with the upper edge of the second box and center it.

Step Three: Path -> Exclude the new box from the second line. Move the first line so that the first line text slightly overlaps the indentation of the second line box

Step 4: Path -> Union first line to second line. Add box of equal width to second line text (height doesn’t matter) and slightly overlap with bottom of text

Step 5: Path->Union the text with the new box. Go to View –> Display mode –> Outline – this will help the process. Begin by selecting 2 nodes that are attached horizontally, as shown below…

Step 6: At the top, there is a button that says “delete segment between two non-endpoint nodes”, when you click this, the horizontal line will disappear. Do this for all the horizontal lines, as you can see below.

Step 7: You will then select the nodes from the remainder of the bottom-most box (highlighted in blue below), and delete them

Step 8: Below is what will remain and will cutout to form the pop out

Step 9: Import into SCAL and you will have the image below. This, when arranged on paper will create the pop up image

5 Responses to “How-To: Create a Double Line Pop Up Card with the Cricut and SCAL”

  1. PapaSue Says:

    Nicely done Jennifer, very clear instructions and the pictures help so much.


  2. Kathy Says:

    Can’t wait to try this for Christmas Cards! Thanks for the instructions.

  3. Melissa Says:

    Thank you for this tut, it is very easy to understand! What font did you use? It is very cute. ~M~

  4. Jennifer Says:

    The font is called “casual”. Thank you for the kind words :-)

  5. Melissa Says:

    Thank you!

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