Zombies are Everywhere!

So I started having fun with the coloring pages, and I made another recipe card for this week’s midweek challenge. I keep trying to get 13 or 14 layers, but I always fall short… this time there is only 8 layers of paper and ribbon. Must try harder… lol!

5 Responses to “Zombies are Everywhere!”

  1. Jan Hunnicutt Says:

    Try matting your layers, a layer the same color as your card body under the oval (a larger oval) and a layer the same color as your card body under the yellow embossed panel would give you 2 more layers and make it pop! These coloring pages are cute!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Never thought of extra matting… hmmm, too bad I have to work today, LOL!

  3. Carol L Says:

    How cute and fun is this card!! So perfect for Halloween with that great zombie image!

  4. Paula S. Says:

    Fun Zombie image, this card would be great for a teenager… zombies seem to be the latest craze. :)

  5. Marianne Says:

    You are very good at turning those coloring pages into cuts. What a talent.

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