Bridal Shower Invite

This is a picture of the back of my FSIL’s Bridal Shower invitation. Initially, I was going to try to incorporate colors from the wedding (Ivory and Red). I liked my results (Ivory card, red flowery background, and palm tree incorporating the tropical theme), but Aunt Crafty wasn’t so fond and wanted something with a bit more color. I was ok with this because the red flowery background was time consuming to produce. Aunt Crafty and I decided to go with something a bit more simplistic. The purple and blue may not be quite “tropical” in feel, but we also produced one that was orange and pink. I am overall happy with the results, and I hope FSIL likes them, too!

3 Responses to “Bridal Shower Invite”

  1. Aunt Cathye Says:

    Aunt Crafty? Aunt CRAFTY?????

  2. Jennifer Says:

    :-) You are pretty crafty (mosaic tiling, other hobbies)! I can change it though – just changing names to protect the “innocent”… hehehe Don’t take it as an insult!

  3. Aunt Cathye Says:

    Not feeling insulted, feeling IMMORTALIZED, LOL!!!!! Aunt Crafty is just fine with me!

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