How in the world?!?!

I was at work yesterday, filling a prescription for 105 tablets of prednisone 5 mg (we are talking teeny tiny pills – smaller than the eraser on the end of a pencil). The tech had filled the order, and as I was checking the tablets, I spotted a tablet with different markings on it’s face – which usually means that the tech pulled from two bottles that didn’t match and that I would have to sort through each of the tablets to ensure they were all the same. I sorted through the pills, and somehow, that was the ONLY tablet that was different. I found a couple of chipped tablets as well, but the fact is that one little pill out of a hundred screamed out to me and said, “I’m different!!!”

As you can see, these are so  small, I had a hard time getting the camera to focus on the tablets. Completely identical in color and size, it would be hard to spot 1 in 100 normally.

Don’t laugh, but I really do think that this was God’s way of reminding me that I am marked, that I am special to him, and that he sees me (and loves me). I showed the tablet in the bottle to both our pharmacy intern and the other pharmacist I was working with, and they were both “how in the world did you see that?!”  Sadly, I am too much a wimp to proclaim that it must have been God pointing my eyes in the right direction, so I just said “I don’t know!”

Luckily, both of these tablets are the same medication, so even had I not seen the 1 in 100 difference, there would have been no harm to the patient. Since the tech used 2 bottles (both the same manufacturer and NDC), I can only assume that someone had poured the Qualitest brand prednisone (marked 50|94 V) into the West Ward brand prednisone bottle at some point and no one else had noticed the mixed contents (until I found that 1 pill). The tech finished that bottle, and then opened a brand new bottle of west ward prednisone to finish the order.

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