Medicine Cabinet Makeover

I have been slllloooowwwwllly making over my “guest” bathroom and found the following picture as inspiration for making over a frame I previously had in the bathroom that I no longer liked/used.

They used a piece of sheet metal cut to the size of the frame, and covered it with fabric. Then they added magnets to the back of makeup supplies and attached the makeup to the magnetic metal sheet.

In my bathroom, I don’t have a whole lot of open wall space, so I decided to take it an extra step and use the frame to cover up my mirrored medicine cabinet (which I don’t like very much anyway). I built a frame out of poplar and fitted it around the medicine cabinet, which just barely fit around the medicine cabinet by the grace of God (definitely was NOT in my plan book).

So now I have a much more attractive (IMHO) medicine cabinet and a place to put my makeup so I might actually use it!

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