Cute Snowmen

I came across this idea on Pinterest. Shauna from MyMixofSix created these wonderful snowmen from 2 dollar store fish bowls, a white tube sock, white string Christmas lights, fleece, and a few baubles and buttons.


I followed Shauna’s steps for the most part, but I cut out a few unnecessary steps. I used 20 count white christmas lights, and placed half in the plain fish bowl, and the other half in the fluted fish bowl. I left the plug hanging out the back side. I then took a white men’s sock, and first put the plain fish bowl all the way in to the toe of the sock. After, I put the fluted fishbowl in the sock to where the cuff of the sock just reached the base of the bowl. The plug feeds out underneath the cuff of the sock (no cutting of the sock required) and the middle of the sock sits inside the bowls.


I then made the hats for the snowmen following this youtube video:

After fitting all the hats and scarves, I took some of the baubles and buttons from my office and added eyes, nose, mouth, and buttons to finish off the snowmen.


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