Travis and I have talked about adding a covered porch to the back yard since we bought the house. Our backyard has a northern exposure, which means that there is sun in our backyard almost all day during the summer. The following picture was taken from the corner of our yard on April 30, 2009 (when we first fell in love with the house). As you can see, it is a very sunny area with little to no cover. Without cover, it is hard to grill or be outside (especially in the rain) – we have done it, but it is hard.


 So with Travis’ connections, we started building our new patio on December 18, 2012. Day one work was setting the foundation for the support posts (digging the holes, leveling the posts, pouring the concrete). Day two work involved placing the headers at the top of the post for support of the roof. This picture was taken about midday on day 2, please ignore the mildew on the back of the house, it will be powerwashed by the end of the project.


By the end of day 2, the roof supports (trusses) went up and the siding came down. You can see the blue insulation exposed on the back of the house, as well as part of  the window siding is gone. Part of the upstairs window will be covered by the trusses, unfortunately, but not alot.


Day 3 started with a torrential downpour in the early morning hours, so T went to get a bleach spraying system to avoid any potential mold issues and the guys sprayed the affected areas – I came home to a bleachy smelling house, but definitely better than mold. Then the guys finished up the framing of the roof and added the roof decking (plywood) to prepare the roof for shingles.


And that is where we are starting on day 4.

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