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In November, my aunt and I went to First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas. If you ever have the opportunity to go, it is an amazing experience. It is the biggest Flea Market/Craft Markets I have ever been to, and I enjoy going year after year. It is a great place to get junk at great prices, and a great place to get ideas for DIY projects. One of the covered pavilions had these great signs that I really loved; They combined ironwork with distressed wood for a real shabby chic feel:


I mentally broke the piece down and saw that it was basically 2 metal shelf brackets and an old cupboard door on a 1×2 furring strip (along with paint, and vinyl lettering). I made a note to pick up some brackets from one of the 2 huge suppliers of metal out there (2 for $5) and I looked around for some cabinet door. I never found any cabinet doors out there, but I ended up going to the ReStore and I scored a door there for $2.

To get the cabinet to the same shape, I tugged, pulled, and cut one of the sides of the cabinet door off (make sure that you pick up a door with a wood or mdf insert – hardboard inserts which are so common now may work, but won’t give the same feel). After I figured out the center was tacked to the frame, I used a nail set to push the nails far enough in to enable me to remove the center. I then cut the arms of the door to an angle (30 degrees?) using my compound miter saw, and replaced the center.


When I did a rough fit with the furring strips ($0.87), brackets and door, I noticed that the sign could be horizontal or vertical, so I took a few minutes to decide if I wanted it vertical or horizontal.

Horizontal Rough Fit:


Vertical Rough Fit:


Ultimately, the vertical sign won out (not to say I won’t make a horizontal one eventually). I base painted the entire sign with Kilz Aerosol ($5), then added black spray paint (had on-hand from a previous project), vaselined the edges, ivory spray paint (on-hand from the shutter table project), vaselined the edges again, and finally gave it a coat of matte cinnamon-colored spray ($3).

I then cut out the vinyl with my Cricut. To save vinyl, I used less than a 12×12 piece of vinyl i had on hand by breaking the words “welcome” and “home sweet home” up and using squares to realign the words after cutting. The dots under “SW” will be put on the dots above “EET” to create the longer word “Home Sweet Home”, and “Welcome” will follow suit as well.


Finally, I mounted the entire project on the wall, and it is done (but may be moved higher, depending on if my husband walks straight into or not!). Total material cost: less than $20. Satisfaction: immense!


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  1. gail Says:

    Don’t you love it when you can “see” something the way you saw that other sign? You did a great job Jennifer!
    Thanks for linking up at Catch as Catch Can! Catching you this week.

  2. I Play Outside The Box Says:


  3. sue in texas Says:

    I saw those too! I love your take on it. I’m loving the horizontal kitchen. Great job!

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