Rolling Storage Bins

For quite awhile, my husband has been storing old vinyl records he inherited from his parents under the pool table. I didn’t mind using the space for storage, but I did mind that they were being stored in beat up cardboard boxes that were impossible to move because of the weight. I have been wanting to buy crates for a long time, but most of the ones I have found were too expensive for their quality.

I started out by purchasing six 1×8 boards for the units I was making (enough for four crates). For each crate I needed:

2 – 18 inches
2 – 16.5 inches
2 – 14.5 inches

The 18 inch pieces are butted together using pocket holes.

I drill pocket holes along three sides of the 16.5″ pieces.

And I also drill pocket hole along the bottom of the 14.5″ pieces

I begin by clamping two sides together with a 90 degree angle clamp and connecting the pieces together with screws

After all four sides are secured, I also screw the box frame onto the base (the 18″ pieces). Then, I attach casters to the base, and a handle to the front.

I loaded the records into the bins and rolled them under the pool table

Between the wood, screws, casters, and handles, each crate probably cost me about $20. Minus the casters and handles, each crate would have been about $12, the same as the crates from Michael’s, but much sturdier. All four crates were completed in about four hours.

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2 Responses to “Rolling Storage Bins”

  1. gail Says:

    your rolling crates look great Jennifer! wheels/casters are expensive! I look for them at yardsales and thrift stores, then hold onto them till I need them. :)

  2. Jennifer Says:

    The casters were about $5 for 4… I never really know how to find out about yard sales. When you go shopping, how do you find out about the sales?

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