Outdoor Storage Bench

I built a storage bench for our patio, now that our concrete has been poured. I wanted a place to be able to hide our extra propane tanks, but still be able to use it as a table/bench seating. I found a plan for one HERE, but I knew that I had to make some modifications.

Storage Bench Web


Change #1. I knew that I didn’t want the primary support to be from the wood slats, so I lengthened all of the wooden vertical slats to a total of 20.75 inches. I also didn’t want the wood resting on the ground, so I added casters to make the bench mobile.

Change #2. The plans instructions for the bottom of the bench state “Attach the bottom boards as shown above using 2″ screws. Use glue if you want a stronger more permanent joint, no glue if you wish to disassemble at some point.” Unfortunately, the plan doesn’t call for any additional support in the middle of the boards, which I felt was necessary to hold three-20 lbs propane tanks. I added the extra length on the vertical slats (mentioned in change #1) to accommodate additional boards for a sturdier bottom.

Change #3. I didn’t need a bench that was quite as wide or long as the original plan (approx. 48 x 24), so I reduced the plan down to approx. 38 x 20; I simply altered the plan by planning to remove 2 slats from the horizontal length and 1 slat from the depth of the seat.

Change #4. I also wanted a sturdier top, so instead of running 3 boards along the length of the lid, I used pocket holes to create a stronger support structure for the boards that make up the lid. I duplicated this pattern to create the support for the bottom of the bench as well.

Storage Bench Hydraulic

Change #5: I added gas springs to the lid, in order to ensure that the lid would only open so far. These particular gas springs will keep the lid open, and provide some measure to keep the lid closed; It is important to note, however, that these springs WILL NOT prevent fingers from getting smashed when the lid is closing – therefore, be careful if you use these not to slam your fingers.

Now all I have left to do is finish/seal the wood so that it might last a little while on our covered patio. Thanks for looking!


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  1. gail Says:

    great job on your storage bench! I’m catching you this week!


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