Spice Shaker Jar

I am currently trying to put together some of pages of a scrapbook for an upcoming trip that my husband and I will be taking. I am trying to do this while I am excited, rather than putting it off until after the cruise when the excitement is gone. This trip includes a stop at Grenada, an island in the Caribbean also known as the Spice Isle. I decided that my layout for the page(s) for Grenada needed to be themed towards the spices of Grenada, and as such, I would need to create a spice jar of sorts to include on the page. I used vellum paper that I had left over from my wedding invitations and cut the base, body, and neck of the jar. Then I used white paper to cut the shaker lid and the body of the screw-on lid. Finally I used a lt grey paper to cut the shaded top of the lid. The actual cut-out turned out well, however it will show better once it is adhered to a dark background, which I have not gotten to, yet!

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