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Outdoor Storage Bench

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

I built a storage bench for our patio, now that our concrete has been poured. I wanted a place to be able to hide our extra propane tanks, but still be able to use it as a table/bench seating. I found a plan for one HERE, but I knew that I had to make some modifications.

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Rolling Storage Bins

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

For quite awhile, my husband has been storing old vinyl records he inherited from his parents under the pool table. I didn’t mind using the space for storage, but I did mind that they were being stored in beat up cardboard boxes that were impossible to move because of the weight. I have been wanting to buy crates for a long time, but most of the ones I have found were too expensive for their quality.

I started out by purchasing six 1×8 boards for the units I was making (enough for four crates). For each crate I needed:

2 – 18 inches
2 – 16.5 inches
2 – 14.5 inches

The 18 inch pieces are butted together using pocket holes.

I drill pocket holes along three sides of the 16.5″ pieces.

And I also drill pocket hole along the bottom of the 14.5″ pieces

I begin by clamping two sides together with a 90 degree angle clamp and connecting the pieces together with screws

After all four sides are secured, I also screw the box frame onto the base (the 18″ pieces). Then, I attach casters to the base, and a handle to the front.

I loaded the records into the bins and rolled them under the pool table

Between the wood, screws, casters, and handles, each crate probably cost me about $20. Minus the casters and handles, each crate would have been about $12, the same as the crates from Michael’s, but much sturdier. All four crates were completed in about four hours.

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Picture Frame from Hardwood Flooring

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

Several years ago our church started remodelling our worship center. When it came time for the church to pull up the old flooring, they offered pieces of it to the congregation. My husband and I wanted to have a piece of church history, so we selected a few pieces. At the time, my idea was to turn it into a frame. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the tools I needed to complete the project until recently.

I took the pieces of wood and routed the tongue off one side and routed the bottom of the groove off of the other side. This left a lip for the glass, mat board, and backer board to sit in. I then mitered the edges at 45 degrees, and used my kreg jig to created pocket holes.


I then screwed the pieces of wood together, making sure to clamp the edges together tightly so they pieces wouldn’t shift. I had an extra piece of glass lying around from another project, so I cut the glass, mat board, and backer board to fit.


Once I get final approval on the project from the hubby, we will pick out photos and I will cut the openings for the pictures

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Word of the Year

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Some of the blogs that I read are committing themselves to a word this year. This word is meant to improve the bloggers life over the period of a year. I have thought about this concept a lot since the first and this morning I think God showed me what my word is. As I listened to The Message, a radio station on Sirius XM, on my way home from work today, He confirmed it for me. As I was thinking about my word of the year, a new song by Rascal Flatts came on the Christian radio station. For those readers out there who do not know who Rascal Flatts is, the band is typically a country band, so it was a very unusual song for me to see on the display.

For the past year or so, I have been unhappy with my career. I had randomly applied for jobs at many companies since December 2011. I have been emotional about my job with my current employer and the amount of stress I go through on a continuous basis. I was determined to find another job. Finally, in October, I get a call from MD Anderson. They have seen my resume, and they would like to interview me. Would I prefer to interview for the evening shift or the night shift? I interview for the evening position first. Let’s just say that it went less than stellar… in fact, God made sure that I was less than stellar. But really, it was ok: I had not been on an interview in 4 years, what was I supposed to expect, perfection?

As it would happen, after the evening interview, I ran one of the 8 interviewers in the lobby, joked around with him for a minute, got directions and left. This guy was the first one to contact me about interviewing at MD Anderson, and called me back for my second interview with the night crew at the end of November. At the night interview, I got along well, made some jokes with the interviewers, and was told it would be mid-December before I knew anything. Two days later, while I am at lunch I receive a phone call, offering me the position! I was floored, but God knew what he was doing and he had been guiding my path long before I knew it.

My first day will be on Monday. The first Monday of the new year. I am nervous, excited, and hopeful. This is where God has brought me. And that is why my word of 2013 will be CHANGE. I believe this year will be about change for me, big and small. The name of the song by Rascal Flatts? Changed.

Welcome Sign

Monday, December 31st, 2012

In November, my aunt and I went to First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas. If you ever have the opportunity to go, it is an amazing experience. It is the biggest Flea Market/Craft Markets I have ever been to, and I enjoy going year after year. It is a great place to get junk at great prices, and a great place to get ideas for DIY projects. One of the covered pavilions had these great signs that I really loved; They combined ironwork with distressed wood for a real shabby chic feel:


I mentally broke the piece down and saw that it was basically 2 metal shelf brackets and an old cupboard door on a 1×2 furring strip (along with paint, and vinyl lettering). I made a note to pick up some brackets from one of the 2 huge suppliers of metal out there (2 for $5) and I looked around for some cabinet door. I never found any cabinet doors out there, but I ended up going to the ReStore and I scored a door there for $2.

To get the cabinet to the same shape, I tugged, pulled, and cut one of the sides of the cabinet door off (make sure that you pick up a door with a wood or mdf insert – hardboard inserts which are so common now may work, but won’t give the same feel). After I figured out the center was tacked to the frame, I used a nail set to push the nails far enough in to enable me to remove the center. I then cut the arms of the door to an angle (30 degrees?) using my compound miter saw, and replaced the center.


When I did a rough fit with the furring strips ($0.87), brackets and door, I noticed that the sign could be horizontal or vertical, so I took a few minutes to decide if I wanted it vertical or horizontal.

Horizontal Rough Fit:


Vertical Rough Fit:


Ultimately, the vertical sign won out (not to say I won’t make a horizontal one eventually). I base painted the entire sign with Kilz Aerosol ($5), then added black spray paint (had on-hand from a previous project), vaselined the edges, ivory spray paint (on-hand from the shutter table project), vaselined the edges again, and finally gave it a coat of matte cinnamon-colored spray ($3).

I then cut out the vinyl with my Cricut. To save vinyl, I used less than a 12×12 piece of vinyl i had on hand by breaking the words “welcome” and “home sweet home” up and using squares to realign the words after cutting. The dots under “SW” will be put on the dots above “EET” to create the longer word “Home Sweet Home”, and “Welcome” will follow suit as well.


Finally, I mounted the entire project on the wall, and it is done (but may be moved higher, depending on if my husband walks straight into or not!). Total material cost: less than $20. Satisfaction: immense!


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