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Entry Table

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

I was inspired by this post by Gail at My Repurposed Life to create a table for my entry way. I have had a singer sewing base for some time without a top, and so I have been searching for a solution that would fit nicely in the entry. I went to my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore and found a great pair of louvered shutters. I searched for the right sized cabinet door and found a beautiful floor model with a bead board center… but there was a problem. I could only find one door of that size. I searched the ReStore for at least half an hour, and I *finally* found a matching door buried under a lot of other cabinet doors.

When I got the shutters and cabinet doors home, I used my pocket hole jig to put holes in the ends of the shutters and in the edges of the shutters and cabinet doors to attach the top.

I spray painted the table apron a similar color to the original color of the shutter, but now the cabinet doors match the  shutters. I then created a top from one by fours and pockets holes and then I did a dry fit to ensure that the top would fit on the base.

I started staining the top with a rub on stain. I put the stain on the top, but then the extra stain wouldn’t rub off the top like it should have, and I couldn’t see the the grain of the wood like I had hoped. I waited for the stain to dry and then sanded off the stain that I could. Then I used a polystain from minwax to restain the top again. The result was a rustic appearing wood finish (please excuse my poor excuse for sawhorses, I used what lumber I had available).

After the polystain dried, I attached the stained table top to the shutters. I attached two by fours to the interior of the table apron and used those as a base to attach the table to the Singer sewing machine base.

Not much of a tutorial, but I hope you like the finished project! Since my entry hall is right across from my formal dining room, I also plan for this to double as a buffet for large family gatherings.


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Crafty Things

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

So lately, I have been super lazy at home and super busy at work… all of that adds up to one thing – my creative juices have been running on empty. And as T has pointed out, I have about a bazillion projects going on around the house, and not one of them is finished. I don’t care. It doesn’t bother me, because my projects are out of the way, not making a mess, and (with the help of a biweekly maid) I clean up after myself. So when I do get inspired to do something with myself and my house, I go with it. It helps me to relieve my stress and think about something other than work for a few minutes.

Lately, I have been on a kick to make-over our guest bathroom. We had the decorations from when we got married 4.5 years ago in there and it really never fit in the new house. I want something spunky, fun, vintage… just different! One idea I came up with for the room was a “vintage-esque” valance for the window made from ties. I bought ten silk ties on ebay for about $4 a piece and set to work sewing them together in order to have a full valance. I cut nine of the ties in half and tore apart the skinny ends (ironing the skinny ends flat). Then I aligned the fat pointed ends with the skinny pointed ends and used a zig zag stitch to sew everything together. I am by far NOT a seamstress by any stretch of the imagination, so my lines are far from perfect. Here is my result!

It’s been a few months…

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

but here’s my take on this week’s sketch (#55) over at the OWH S&S blog

I received a scanner for Christmas (thanks, Hon!) and I am trying out scanning the cards instead of taking pictures… not sure about the colors turning out as well. Oh well. I am going to try to keep up with the challenges as best as I can, but I just accepted a promotion at work: this means more hours at work and more stress. I need to cut out the mindless Facebook games and do my projects and chores, but it is so much easier to be mindless

Thanksgiving Invitations

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Due to certain “remodeling” projects that my sister-in-law has undertaken at my brother’s house, I will be hosting Thanksgiving this year. Last year, certain relatives felt that plans were up-in-the-air because there was no formal invitation issued. To stave off problems this year, I decided to go ahead and make up some invitations to Thanksgiving for all of my family.

The invitations were inspired by a sketch over at OWH Stars and Stamps blog. The background was from an All-Seasons paper pack that I picked up at HobbyLobby. I designed the lattice work in CorelDraw (it was based-off of a Martha Stewart Punch I saw online) and cut it with my Cricut and SCAL. The ribbon threader was also designed for and cut by my Cricut. The “ribbon” itself is fabric edging given to me by my grandmother who was attempting to clean out some of her craft room. Finally, the turkey sticker was originally a piece of clipart from an old ART EXPLOSION! CD. One day I will post a how-did-I-do-that on here… but not today.

The lattice is available HERE

The ribbon threader is available HERE

FB Birthday Bash! Challenge #3: Pick a Sketch

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

I made this card to go along with Sketch Challenge #35 and with OWH Stars and Stamps  Facebook Birthday Bash Challenge #3. The girl digi was from a German (?) Blog that I cannot read, but she has several free digi-stamps that I thought were really cute. She was colored in Corel Draw and then print and cut with the Cricut.