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Rolling Storage Bins

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

For quite awhile, my husband has been storing old vinyl records he inherited from his parents under the pool table. I didn’t mind using the space for storage, but I did mind that they were being stored in beat up cardboard boxes that were impossible to move because of the weight. I have been wanting to buy crates for a long time, but most of the ones I have found were too expensive for their quality.

I started out by purchasing six 1×8 boards for the units I was making (enough for four crates). For each crate I needed:

2 – 18 inches
2 – 16.5 inches
2 – 14.5 inches

The 18 inch pieces are butted together using pocket holes.

I drill pocket holes along three sides of the 16.5″ pieces.

And I also drill pocket hole along the bottom of the 14.5″ pieces

I begin by clamping two sides together with a 90 degree angle clamp and connecting the pieces together with screws

After all four sides are secured, I also screw the box frame onto the base (the 18″ pieces). Then, I attach casters to the base, and a handle to the front.

I loaded the records into the bins and rolled them under the pool table

Between the wood, screws, casters, and handles, each crate probably cost me about $20. Minus the casters and handles, each crate would have been about $12, the same as the crates from Michael’s, but much sturdier. All four crates were completed in about four hours.

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Picture Frame from Hardwood Flooring

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

Several years ago our church started remodelling our worship center. When it came time for the church to pull up the old flooring, they offered pieces of it to the congregation. My husband and I wanted to have a piece of church history, so we selected a few pieces. At the time, my idea was to turn it into a frame. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the tools I needed to complete the project until recently.

I took the pieces of wood and routed the tongue off one side and routed the bottom of the groove off of the other side. This left a lip for the glass, mat board, and backer board to sit in. I then mitered the edges at 45 degrees, and used my kreg jig to created pocket holes.


I then screwed the pieces of wood together, making sure to clamp the edges together tightly so they pieces wouldn’t shift. I had an extra piece of glass lying around from another project, so I cut the glass, mat board, and backer board to fit.


Once I get final approval on the project from the hubby, we will pick out photos and I will cut the openings for the pictures

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